Mission and Values


Our mission is to produce pigs that yield a safe, high-quality product and to be profitable in the process.

The JWV Philosophy

Our beliefs can be summarized through eight different points, each being a vital part of JWV’s core. We believe it is our job to do the following:


Care for our animals with concern for their comfort and well-being

Produce pigs with a minimum of antibiotics, and to observe withdrawal times to ensure that the pigs we ship are residue-free

Utilize technology to produce high-quality pigs, including improved breeding stock, cutting edge diagnostic testing, financial record keeping, properly formulated diets, and facilities suited to the growth of these animals

Grow our operations as necessary to be economically competitive and to develop our business and management skills through additional training and practice, giving us the skills needed for the future of our company 

Empower team members to improve work processes, encourage team involvement in our growth and change, and understand the differences between management and leadership

Be good stewards of our inputs and outputs, particularly through management of feed efficiency and manure, be environmentally conscientious, and avoid damaging or wasting our resources

Develop and maintain close ties with our intermediate customers and work to supply them with the products they want and will pay for

Keep our perspective on the importance of faith, family, and values

With these beliefs, we work to train our employees, care for our pigs, and give to our community as much as we are able.