We Support Our Growers.

At JWV Pork, we work with each of our partners to make sure they receive the support and resources they need to be successful in our shared mission to feed people real food, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship

Grower Testimonials

Pat & Sheila F.

Everyone, meet the Fishers.

Sheila and Pat are rooted in agriculture and take pride in knowing that they play a small part in feeding the world. “We love the opportunity to take care of pigs and raise them humanely. We also love that we get to have our kids involved, teach them how to care for pigs properly, and instill in them a strong work ethic.” Two of their children, Lexton (8) and Hallie (5), are already helping chore pigs and receiving pigs into and moving pigs out of the nursery, and their youngest (Nathaniel, 2) is not far behind his siblings.

Sheila and Pat may have different backgrounds in agriculture, but their passion for pork is shared.

Sheila has been in the pork industry her entire life. She continues to be an advocate in the space as she dedicates her time to the Washington County Women in Agriculture advisory board and her career on the farm. Growing up, her time was spent on the family farm assisting her father and grandfather with their hog operation. She fed sows, processed and weaned pigs, and washed barns. Fast-forward to her college graduation, and she was presented with the opportunity to become an owner operator of the same farrow to finish operation where she learned the value of hard work and dedication.

Three years later, Sheila and her father became nursery and finisher contract growers for JWV Pork. That same year, Sheila and Pat built their first finisher together. The Fisher and Reed operation continues to grow as they completed a 2400-head nursery build in July 2022.

Pat began his journey in the pork industry 11 years ago when he initiated his career with JWV Pork. Since then, he continues to be involved with the company as a contract grower and barn owner alongside his wife. Pat also works as a project manager for Integrity Builders and Supply, using his industry expertise to oversee the construction process of new hog barns and barn updates.

Sheila and Pat are always looking ahead to that next opportunity or technology that will progress the pork industry forward. This year, they are eager to learn more about the controllers they’ve recently put into their new nursery and familiarize themselves with them. Sheila noted, “I am also excited about some of the new practices that are being implemented in the nursery (especially the ivermectin) to stay ahead on animal health. I’m not only excited to see what impact this has at the nursery level, but also how it carries over to the finisher.”

When the Fishers aren’t taking care of pigs for JWV Pork, they are part of a family sheep herd (Fisher Family Club Lambs) in their “free time.” They enjoy putting breeding plans together and lambing ewes, and throughout the months of May-September, they love watching their children show lambs at area shows.

Joel & Justin H.

“In this profession, every day presents new challenges.”  Joel and Justin are two of our growers who share our passion for raising pork and are willing to put in the extra hours it takes to raise healthy pigs.

While their time with the JWV organization has been short compared to other growers, raising pigs goes back generations on this farm. Their dad, Wayne, taught them the value of hard work and to do the best job you can with what you have.  Years of raising their own pigs proved that some groups are better than others and it’s your responsibility to do whatever is needed to help a new group take off and thrive.

Not only is animal care an important piece of the Humphreys’ responsibilities, but so is the role they play in the environmental cycle that aligns with JWV’s company commitment. – Local producers plant and grow corn that is fed to pigs, pigs consume and digest the corn and their manure is utilized as fertilizer on fields to provide nutrients necessary for growing corn.  Humphreys’ generally use a 50/50 crop rotation.  Justin does the row crop farming, while Joel works as a custom applicator at the Agriland FS Wyman location.  “This year it has been nice to have the manure for fertilizer, give the high costs of commercial fertilizer.”

The Humphreys’ roots in agriculture run deep.  Justin is involved with the ISU Southeast Research Farm, Louisa County Fair Board and the Louisa County Soil and Water Conservation.  Joel was a part of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board’s iLead program and had the opportunity to visit other countries, farms and ranches abroad to see agricultural practices through a different lens.  The Humphreys’ families hope to instill the same ag roots and work ethic into their daughters that their parents instilled in them at a young age. There’s nothing quite like the devotion of a farm kid.

Jason V.
“The overwhelming support JWV Pork has shown my father and I from day one speaks volumes of them as people on a personal and professional level. Our operation has grown and will continue to grow through generations because of their support.” – Jason V. 

The year was 1998 and Vincent Farms located in West Branch, IA, was a 130 sow herd farrow to finish operation. Fast-forward to 2021, and Jason Vincent and his father are now caring for 12,000 head of pigs on their farmstead as growing partners for JWV Pork.

When we talked to Jason about where his passion for pork comes from, he said he truly loves taking care of animals. He takes great pride in his ability to produce healthy, high-quality pork because, although the pigs he cares for are from JWV, he has a sense of personal ownership of every pig that enters his barns. It’s all part of the mission of feeding people real food.

Jason is a third-generation grower. His father taught him the trade growing up, it’s been something he’s held on to through the years, and he plans to keep the legacy alive through his children. Jason talked about the fact that life on the farm not only teaches you the importance of the American farmer and the impact they have on society, but it teaches priceless life lessons. On the farm, there are no sick days. There is always something that can be done, and there is no such thing as an 8-hour workday.

Jason truly encompasses our values when it comes to caring for animals and being a valuable part of his community. Jason’s love for family and people matches his love for pork. He and his wife, Erin, also own and manage a wedding venue in West Branch and have enjoyed sharing the story of farming with individuals they’ve connected with through this venture, as well. It’s individuals like Jason, that make us proud of our network of growers.

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