So, Who is a Grower? 

At JWV, we seek out individuals who have an interest in raising pigs. These contracted partners collaborate with JWV to help raise pigs, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. We work with each partner to make sure they receive the support and resources they need.

The Role of a Grower 

While JWV supplies the hogs, the grower is responsible for the investment of the barn that will house them. JWV expects the grower to complete daily chores at the site, which includes overseeing the care and treatment of the pigs, as well as general housekeeping.

How JWV Supports Our Growers

JWV aims to make the pig production process smooth for our growers and is responsible for providing the following items:

All Pigs, Transportation, and Feed

JWV owns all the pigs, manages the transportation to, from, and between barns, and at the chosen time, to market. We also supply our growers with the feed they need for each growth stage.

Assigned Site Manager for Your Location

When the pigs are transferred to your site, we will pair you with a site manager who is familiar with this flow of pigs. This site manager will routinely visit the site every 7 to 10 days and will offer insight for maximizing and maintaining the quality and health of the pigs.

Our site management team works as a line of support for our growing partners who take care of pigs in nursery and finishing production. Site managers are able to offer insight, advice, and support as well as act as another set of eyes to help see and evaluate any issues that may arise throughout the pigs’ growth period.

Additional Support

We want to give our growers the flexibility they need to enjoy time with their family. For an additional cost to the grower, we can arrange for our employees to cover daily chores while they are away.

Extra Income to Support You and Your Family

Partnering with JWV Pork as a contract grower gives you the ability to earn additional income, diversify your farm operation, utilize manure for cropland, expand your investment portfolio, and provide opportunities for future generations to join the family business.

Grower Testimonials

“The overwhelming support JWV Pork has shown my father and I from day one speaks volumes of them as people on a personal and professional level. Our operation has grown and will continue to grow through generations because of their support.” – Jason V. 

The year was 1998 and Vincent Farms located in West Branch, IA, was a 130 sow herd farrow to finish operation. Fast-forward to 2021, and Jason Vincent and his father are now caring for 12,000 head of pigs on their farmstead as growing partners for JWV Pork.

When we talked to Jason about where his passion for pork comes from, he said he truly loves taking care of animals. He takes great pride in his ability to produce healthy, high-quality pork because, although the pigs he cares for are from JWV, he has a sense of personal ownership of every pig that enters his barns. It’s all part of the mission of feeding people real food.

Jason is a third-generation grower. His father taught him the trade growing up, it’s been something he’s held on to through the years, and he plans to keep the legacy alive through his children. Jason talked about the fact that life on the farm not only teaches you the importance of the American farmer and the impact they have on society, but it teaches priceless life lessons. On the farm, there are no sick days. There is always something that can be done, and there is no such thing as an 8-hour workday.

Jason truly encompasses our values when it comes to caring for animals and being a valuable part of his community. Jason’s love for family and people matches his love for pork. He and his wife, Erin, also own and manage a wedding venue in West Branch and have enjoyed sharing the story of farming with individuals they’ve connected with through this venture, as well. It’s individuals like Jason, that make us proud of our network of growers.


Become a Grower for JWV Pork 

If a partnership like this is of interest to you, contact us and a JWV team member will reach out with additional information.