Our Operations

Operations at JWV

JWV is made up of a culturally diverse group of people who function within our core sectors to support our overall goal of creating a high-quality product from farm to table.

Farrow to Finish Pork Production 

Weaned Pig Production

We have multiple farms dedicated to the breeding and gestation of sows and farrowing of piglets. At weaning, piglets are transported to a nursery within a 50-mile radius.

Market Pig Production


Our piglets arrive at specialized nurseries where they receive the proper diet and care necessary for this stage of growth. These facilities are designed to support the comfort and wellbeing of newly weaned piglets.


After four to six weeks, pigs are transferred to a finishing site. Once these pigs are full-grown and ready for market, they are sold to be processed into pork products.

Transportation and Fleet Management

Transportation is essential to our everyday flow of operations. Our logistics are carefully set in place to ensure that we can effectively move pigs from sow farms to nurseries or finishing sites, fulfill our commitments with our pork processor, deliver ingredients to our feed mill, and then deliver feed from our feed mill to various growing sites in Southeast Iowa.

Feed Production 

JWV grinds and mixes all of the feed to be consumed by our livestock. Along with supporting our operation, the benefits this offers to our partners, community, and the health of our pigs include: 


When one of our farms needs a load of feed, our partners and employees are able to place a feed order, and we take care of the logistics, manufacturing, and delivery of the feed.

Ingredient Control

Specific diets tailored to each stage of growth are verified and approved by an animal nutritionist. Producing our livestock feed in-house lets us confirm that the correct ingredients and proportions are being used in the feed we distribute, which allows us readily make changes as markets warrant.

Supporting Local Farms

All of the corn we use to manufacture feed is sourced from local producers. This local purchase from crop farmers keeps revenue in our community and allows corn producers to market their grain nearby without the added hassle or cost of trucking it to a far-off location.

Reducing Cost

Producing our own feed helps us manage our costs, allowing us to better use our resources towards the improvement of our facilities and employee training and development.

Property Management

Property management is an integral part of our operation as it keeps things running smoothly. Our full-service maintenance crew is responsible for all of our mowing, snow management, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and welding needs.

Our Commitment to You 

Whether you are a resident of Washington County, a current employee, or are searching for a job in the pork industry, the foundation and daily operations of JWV Pork are deeply rooted in caring for our livestock, employees, and local community.