Growth Opportunities


Fostering Personal and Professional Growth

At JWV, we are committed to the people we work with and place high importance on the personal development of each JWV team member.

Development Training

In 2014, we developed our Levels Training program which allows team members to grow in their positions. As they complete their levels of training, they learn more about the pork production process and receive advancement in knowledge and pay. This program consists of one-on-one technical training, development of math and reasoning skills, and language classes. Throughout this process, we always emphasize the importance of individual leadership skills and make sure the values and operations of JWV are understood.

Safety Training

Each month, we hold mandatory safety meetings to learn about various on-farm hazards and how to prevent accidents and injuries. This training has directly decreased our number of recordable injuries, improved workplace culture, and has resulted in better herd health and productivity.

Additional Support

We know the needs of each of our team members is different, and we are open and willing to work with our employees to offer them the resources they need to be successful whether they are at work, at home, or in their community.